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How We Created this Website

Michelangelo Buonarroti

Leonardo Da Vinci




Renaissance warfare


We created the website in Microsoft FrontPage. We chose the colour scheme on the basis that it looked professional but also looked rather like an old fashioned manuscript. We thought this tied in well with our Renaissance theme. We took digital photographs in the Ashmolean Museum and book marked those we found on the internet.

Anna was the writer and proof reader of the pages and Helena was the technical director. We have learnt about the Renaissance and Reformation in History. We have been doing a lot of work on all of the subject links we have in our website.

To make the site easy to use, we have used a readable font, which is the same throughout. The links are listed down the edge of every page for easy navigation and every page links back to the home page.

A plan to our website (above)

We saved the website in 'my webs'. We shared the website in the common folder for year 8.

We had some problems with moving pictures and putting them where we wanted. Working on two different computers also proved difficult.

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